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We serve delicious food that’s not only good for you, but good for the world.

My name is Tony Santarelli, and I founded Food Evolution. I remember the moment I knew it was time for a change. When my wife, Shelley, and I welcomed our first child, Ava, into our lives, I realized the innocence of a child. She was dependent on us to make the right decisions for her health and wellbeing, a responsibility I will never take lightly.

Nutrition plays such a vital role in how we feel and interact as human beings, from our energy levels to our moods. I wanted only the best for my child and for my wife who gave me the greatest gift. After searching the restaurant scene in Montvale, I realized there wasn’t much out there I would be proud to serve. I hated the buzz words and failed attempts to deliver fresh, quality ingredients.

One day, my wife stumbled upon a life-changing place called the Hungry Hollow Coop. We decided to buy a majority of the items that we consume and use from them and it started to spark an idea in me. Why couldn’t there be an inviting fast-casual restaurant that used these ingredients in their food every day?

And with that, I went running. I put together a brand, the menu, the vision - everything. I had already been on such a health journey that having my mission be to help others get there was a driving force along the way.

But to me, ingredients weren’t the only thing that mattered. I wanted to be sourcing from local farms and partners. Here, we help each other. I also wanted to know my brand helped the environment, not hurt it, so we made sure our restaurant was stocked with non-toxic, plant-based cleaners and packaging made from recycled materials. I was removing guilt from the experience of eating out: good, healthy food, supporting local food producers and helping the environment.

And so, Food Evolution was born. We’re a fast-casual restaurant that serves delicious, made-from-scratch meals. We love our food partners, our ingredients and our customers. There’s no other place like it and I’m so proud to serve healthy meal after meal to my community.

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