At Food Evolution, it all starts and ends with people. From our farmers’ hands straight to our chef’s kitchen and right to your plate. We know where our food comes from. Do you?


Tony Santarelli

There are moments in one’s life when they feel a calling to think differently than the status quo. When my daughter Ava was born I realized the innocence of a child born and her dependence

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Our inspiration for the meals we create, our partners deliver the best in organic, sustainable ingredients.

Organic Valley

Founded by dairy farmers in 1988, Organic Valley has grown into a national Co Op, supplying people cross the country with locally sourced dairy products. Today they offer a wide range of farm products, including

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Peanuts 4 Peanuts

Produced and packaged in Boston from American grown peanuts, every purchase of this all natural peanut butter helps deliver micronutrient fortified peanut butter to malnourished children in Haiti through it’s collaboration with Meds & Food

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Hungry Hollow Co Op

Founded in 1973, the Hungry Hollow Co Op served as an inspiration for Food Evolution. Located just down the road from us, they help supply us with organic, locally sourced produce and dairy.

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