Fresh food just tastes better.

To us, it’s that simple. Every week, our chefs hand pick ingredients to ensure quality is never compromised and our food bursts with flavor.



We only support farmers who treat their animals with love – always humanely raised and never with hormones or antibiotics. Every portion of protein we serve is not only nutritious but delicious.

Organic Eggs

Locally sourced, organic eggs

Organic Chicken

Organic, locally raised chicken


Colorado raised bison


You’ll find our fresh produce in almost every meal we serve. Ordered in small batches from farmers committed to growing the tastiest, all natural produce. Green has never tasted so good.

Organic Berries

Organic blueberries, blackberries and strawberries

Organic Tomatoes

Organic tomatoes from Upstate New York

Organic Lettuce

Organic Mesculin lettuce blends


From our burger buns to our bowls and wraps, our food is loaded with hearty whole grains. With equally delicious gluten and gluten free options, you’ll never look at whole grains the same again.

Tri Color Quinoa and Millet

Protein rich, organic tri color quinoa mixed with organic millet

Organic Brown Rice

Organic brown rice

Balthazar Brioche Bun

Wholesome brioche bun made by the famous Balthazar Bakery


We’re proud to source an array of natural snacks and drinks from eco-conscious, food loving nuts just like us. From chips to desserts to coffee, every snack and drink is 100% guilt free.


Hand crafted, small batch sodas that are sweetened with pure cane sugar

Cloud Top Yogurt

Premium, organic frozen yogurt enhanced with harmonizing functional health benefits

Rishi Tea

High quality organic and fair trade certified tea, served iced or hot