There are moments in one’s life when they feel a calling to think differently than the status quo. When my daughter Ava was born I realized the innocence of a child born and her dependence on my wife Shelley and I to do the right thing in terms of her health and wellbeing. It is no secret that nutrition is paramount in how we feel on a daily basis (from energy levels to the mood that we are in). When I searched the local landscape for places that I trusted to feed my daughter and my wife I quickly became discouraged. Discouraged by the use of buzz words and failed attempts to deliver world class tasting food with world class ingredients. Ingredients that I would consider the best of the best, the same ones that I would find in our refrigerator and pantry at home.

My wife and I stumbled upon a life changing place called the Hungry Hollow Coop, where we decided to buy a majority of the items that we consume and use. The Coop struck such a deep chord with us, it was community, it supported local farmers and bakers, and their shelves were lined with products that were super tasty and nutritious. Why couldn’t there be a warm inviting fast casual environment that used these ingredients in foods that we crave on a daily basis? Well I started to put together a brand, a brand where taste and ingredients are the stars. The local businesses that we would buy from are the stars. But this brand had to go deeper than ingredients, it had to include non toxic plant based cleaners in the restaurant, it had to include packaging that was made from recycled materials, and it certainly had to have a guest service approach where the guests must leave feeling great about the decision to eat there.

Food Evolution was born, a fast casual restaurant that I would feel proud of (and so would Ava one day). Food Evolution is craveable sustainability, foods we love and ingredients found in no other place of its kind.